ACL VC Panning VCA ACL VC Panning VCA 2
Procesadores de Sonido

ACL VC Panning VCA

ACL - VC Panning Amplifier
Modulo ACL VC Panning VCA en Bpro Modular!
Analoge Soutions Treadstone... Analoge Soutions Treadstone... 2
Generadores de Sonido

Analoge Soutions Treadstone Eurorack

Treadstone Eurorack
Analoge Soutions Treadstone Eurorack es un sintetizador analogico y generador de sonido en formato Eurorack 3U. Conversion D/A de alta calidad para MIDI CV y filtro 24 dB "SSM style" de paso bajo y secuenciador de loops MIDI y efecto Lo-Fi digital Echo.
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In this category you will find a careful selection of manufacturers of Modules and modular synthesizers. We have among our suppliers such prestigious brands as Erica Synts, ACL or Analogue Systems among others. 


We are immersed in a wonderful project called BPro Modular!


This project consists of manufacturing custom modulars for our customers and their needs. We have a catalog with a selection of different designs, which can be modified or customized to your liking. The customization options are as wide as the needs or imagination of our customers. Whenever physically and electronically possible, we will do it for you! If you don't find your desired module among them or you simply want an emulation of an existing module with personalized variations, just tell us and we will give life to your idea! 


You can contact us and our specialist advisor will guide you through the whole process. 


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